Top 10 Celebrity Bikini Bodies In Uganda

The Pearl of Africa is blessed with some of the most gorgeous women both in the limelight and those behind the public eye.

And what a better way to celebrate them by listing some of the most gorgeous bikini bodies we have in the country.

With no particular order, these are some of the best bikini celebrity bodies in the Pearl.

Sheila Gashumba

Well our Sheila could not miss on this list.

She has of recent been dropping bikini pics which have been rubbing some people the wrong way.

The media personality however told the critics that anyone who does not have a wardrobe like hers should not talk about her.

And since not everyone likes the thick bodies, Sheila again comes in to rescue the smaller sizes

Etania Mutoni

How about blessing you with one of the hottest tv presenters, NTV’s Etania Mutoni bikini body.

The TV presenter has on several occasions left many men thoughtless after spotting her sexy body.

She’s the sole reason Ntv managed to edge rival station NBS in the dance battle programs they used to have.

Etania is absolutely gorgeous and she has always revealed much skin to keep the men thoroughly hydrated.

Lynda Ddane

Linda Uwamahoro is a media personality working on NTV and it’s sister radio station KFM.

She came onto the scene around 2015 but she’s gained the countrywide stardom a few years ago.

Majority of her viewers find that thick flesh of hers absolutely mesmerizing.

Whatever goes inside their minds when they see her presenting is none of our business.

But then what goes inside there cloths when they see her present is our business because they might succumb to her too oozing sexiness.

Lynda has dropped a number of bikini pics and invade you want to visit her social media pages,make sure your as brave Samson in the body of Goliath and a heart of David’s.

Zari Hassan

Probably the JLo of Uganda, that’s what befits Ugandan South African based socialite Zari.

Five kids down and over 40+ years but not even a sign that her body is ageing or tired.

She should probably lecture majority of our young girls on how to maintain that body.

Zari still glows likes 20 year olds and even better than the young ones.

There’s no sign that she’s soon slowing down reason she keeps pulling younger men to her.

For more of her, a free ticket is given to you to go and lust over her social media bikini pics

Anita Fabiola

Imagine having a list and there is no Anita Fabiola, that would be an injustice to beauty and perfect bodies.

The brown Mukiga girl is the true description of perfection.

Leave alone that the sayings there’s no person perfect, well we find her perfect when she sheds off her cloths to just a bikini.

Whatever is not perfect,we surely don’t want to find out, it can always wait

Fabiola has a magnetic body and she’s not selfish to keep it for her man only, nope she blesses her followers with flashes of it and everybody appreciates the Kabale juice.

The media personality is one of Uganda’s treasures and should be guarded at all costs.

Pia Pounds

Her music might not well be known but trust me her body does the marketing.

The Twende Tupate singer is an absolute goddess and when she sheds off her apparels to just a bikini, you don’t want her to dress back.

The former Big Talent protege knows her sexiness and always makes sure to bless her fans with her hot body than the music.

It’s from this point that she was advised by some of her fans to join modelling and rest music.

Sheebah Karungi

Make any list of the best things in the entertainment industry and if Sheebah is not on that list, then it’s as good as garbage.

Queen Karma is one hell of a sexy woman who has made sure that fans get to enjoy her music and visualize about her body.

From her videos to social media and normal life, Sheebah is one woman who makes sure to leave some flesh to get fresh air.

She’s dropped a couple of bikini pics and her followers always wait for the next one like the Nabbanja money.

Good for Sheebah, she always delivers.

Spice Diana

Star gyal Namukwaya Hajarah is another celebrity that wouldn’t miss on the list of the top 10 bikini bodies in the country.

Despite her scintillating music,she also owns a hot thunderous sexy petite body that fans love to ogle on.

And what a better way to serve it to them than in a bikini.

The Body singer has indeed daringly shown off her body in a number of bikini pics on her social media pages.

Camp at Facebook and Instagram, you won’t regret your time and data because it will be worth spent

Lydia Jazmine

The chocolate skinned beauty recently celebrated her 30th birthday and her body only gets finer with age.

Lydia Jazmine is absolutely one of the most sexiest singers and no wonder she has a huge following among male fans.

The Masukka singer knows the power her body holds and always flaunts it often times leaving social media users drowning in fantasies.

She’s dropped a number of bikini pics overtime exhibiting all her curves.

Winnie Nwagi

The last time she dropped her bikini pics, the internet broke down.

However, it was not majorly lusting about it but rather insults.

The self styled fire baby however doesn’t give a damn and blasted these naysayers.

Nwagi with all that body is absolutely sexy and the nickname fire baby befits her well.

When it comes to showing off flesh, the Swangz Avenue singer does not shy away.

Her social media pages are all full of her sexy body pics and there’s no way she would miss on this list.

What makes her even more outstanding is the way she embraces her body flaws and walks confidently with her head held high.

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