Pallaso gives an update on his brother Chameleone’s condition

Singer Pius Mayanja came out recently to provide an update about his older brother and singer Dr Jose Chameleone’s medical condition.

This was after several rumors spread of how the Leone Island boss was critically ill.

The rumors further suggested that he had pancreatic and liver disorders after a photo of him surfaced online with his mother standing by his hospital bedside.

Pallaso said that Chameleone wasn’t in good condition but had been discharged and will be managed as an outdoor patient.

“It’s true Joseph is not in good condition. He has complications in his stomach and pressure. However, he’s very strong and all he needs is prayers. So very soon he will be alright. He was discharged and will be managed from home because the number of fans at the hospital was increasing daily.”

It’s said that the “Beefula” singer usually has these stomach attacks and are a result from excessive smoking and strong alcoholic beverages.

Chameleone on being discharged took to his social media pages to appreciate his mother for always being there for him.

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