Chameleone goes back to NRM

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has crossed back to the NRM after having deserted the party last year.

The singer after being gifted a brand new range Rover revealed that he has never left NRM but was using the rest of other parties such as NUP and DP for different political missions which all failed.

“I have never left NRM, I was just using other political parties such as DP and NUP for different political reasons which didn’t come to fruition. So right now I’m glad to be back where I belong,” Chameleone said.

The Badilisha singer surprised many last year when he made his political aspirations known.

Having been known as a pivotal NRM singer for long, Chameleon further shocked everyone when he announced that he was joining the Opposition.

He equally joined the wave of lambasting the NRM for it’s failures but the wave spat him out instead into the outcasts.

He left DP for NUP and the Kamwokya based party denied him the official lord mayoral ticket.

This saw the singer start to distance himself from Bobi Wine and this became evident after losing the election.

The two further exchanged words indirectly recently over the Gulu artistes saga.

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