Uganda’s Top 10 Most Handsome Male Artistes

Let’s straight dive in and take a look at Uganda’s top 10 most handsome male artistes without further ado.

10. Zuli Tums

He was a music producer before working with Rnb artiste Maro.

However anyone who has listened to his music can tell that he was indeed sitting on a heavy singing talent.

The Oluvanyuma singer is already a ladies favorite with his boyish innocent looks.

9. B2C

If we were to rank them one by one, they would still find a place on the list each, but we don’t have enough slots.

Mr Lee, Delivad Julio and Bobby Lash are the true definition of a tidy group of lads.

This can be depicted through their fashion sense and lifestyle.

A look at their videos years ago and now, then one would really know the importance of hardwork.

We rank them as a handsome group and a good influence to the youth out there and younger artistes.

8. Fik Fameica

Ever since he came onto the scene, Shafik Walukaaga aka Fik Fameica has gone on to conquer and make the game his.

His influence is undoubted among the youth.

The Kutama singer’s fashion sense too has huge influences among a large section of the youths in the country.

No wonder many girls lust over him, young, hot got the money and fame.

7. GNL Zamba

He can be described as the Tupac of Ugandan lugaflow music.

Yes lugaflow was there before him but it wasn’t getting enough maximum airplay and when he came onto the scene, the storyline did change.

Married off to to his Jewish bae, Zamba is an “Africanist” in the true sense of the word.

Built like one of the ancient Greek gladiators but painted with Shaka Zulu-esque stature, the Dear Hip hop’ rapper’s place is guaranteed here.

6. Toniks

Allan Ampaire a few years ago had vanished off the radar but a few hits and he’s back onto the RnB charts.

True testament that talent never dies.

The My miss singer from the early years of his career has always had ladies talking in whispers.

No wonder his fan base majority is female courtesy of his besitified looks.

5. Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda boy so tender and face so good, Wycliffe Tugume is another one of the most handsome musicians in the country.

Guess he couldn’t tie his baby mama down because pretty girls are always on his case.

4. Navio

Real names Daniel Kigozi, Navio has always had ladies hooked to him because of his tall hunky looks.

Another of the old generation, Navio has really looked after himself very well.

Sorry for the ladies he’s married with kids so you can only crush at your own risk.

3. Bebe Cool

They say old is gold and the intercooler turbo doesn’t seem like he’s aging down soon.

Bebe Cool’s music career doesn’t require an explanation as it speaks volumes.

Married with 6 kids and in his 40’s the Wire wire singer is an example to the young artistes that one can actually survive without using drugs in the industry.

Always in the gym working out, Bebe Cool is absolutely one of the most handsome musicians in the country and a ladies favorite.

2. Eddy Kenzo

If there is any artiste who has always had things miraculously swinging his way, it’s Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo.

That however doesn’t take away the fact that he’s one of the most hard-working artistes of his generation.

A look at his earlier videos and presently will encourage you to worker harder.

1. Maurice Kirya

His music style might be urban but so are his looks.

Kirya is one of the ladies favorite due to his well polished and manicured gentleman looks.

Call him the Ugandan Idris Elba because they look alike.

Easily makes it into this list.

He might not yet have become a formidable artist in the mainstream industry, but his female fans would surely tear this list off the internet if he’s not included.

The dude is really hot and handsome, fellow guy writing this article and I’m straight FYI but he’s got it.

He came into the scene about 4-5 years ago with a collaboration with Sheebah titled Kunya.

Eth is however yet to make a name for himself cemented in the industry.

Written by sigmund

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