Vampino praises Bobi Wine following his release from Jamaican prison

Dancehall singer Elvis Kirya aka Vampino recently came out to praise Fire Base president Bobi Wine and the Ugandan embassy in Jamaica after he was released from Montego Bay a Jamaican prison.

The Kwekunya singer had flown to the Caribbean country earlier this month to record songs with some Jamaican artistes Buju Banton, Romain Virgo and Elephant Man.

He however decided to fly to the US to visit his family but was deported back to Jamaica after his Visa presented irregularities in Los Angeles.

He was thrown behind bars instead of a hotel after reaching Jamaica since there is no direct flight to Africa from the Caribbean country.

Vampino came out to express his gratitude to everyone who made sure that he was freed.

“I write this with tears of joy coming from my Ug pipo I can’t thank u enough for being so patriotic and concerned on what’s been happening.

H.E Bobi Wine thanks alot brother…u indeed a people’s person… u took time to find out where I’m,” Vampino posted on his Facebook page.

The singer added that he reached to a point where he lost hope because he was in a very disgusting dirty room with all sorts of criminals.

All his belongings were taken but he was helped by a prison guard who helped him to access a phone to post the Facebook message calling out for help.

This was after the other prisoners telling the guard “help di African,he is innocent.”

He was later escorted to a flight out of the prison.

The singer also thanked the Ugandan embassy because they came in to assist when they were contacted.

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