Azawi tops iTunes, becomes most listened to USA than Uganda

NBS TV After 5 co presenter Sheila Gashumba has come out to reveal that Swamgz Avenue singer Azawi receives more airplay in the US than Uganda.

Sheila said that she was told by Swangz Avenue’s Julius Kyazze that Azawi’s song ‘Ache for u’ is listened to more in the US than Uganda.

The media personality also reechoed the sentiment majority people have about Azawi’s huge talent.

She said that she believed Azawi will achieve big things in future.

“I feel like
is going to make it so big outside Uganda. Recently, I was with
, and he told me that she’s most listened to in the U.S than here. She also last week made it to the top of the most listened to artists in iTunes and that’s something big,” Sheila said.

Azawi has been riding high ever since her African music album outed last month.

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