Zahara Toto surprised by Rueben Robert on her birthday

Business Reuben Robert surprised Zahara Toto on her birthday with a visit. 

The gossip tv personality was awed with his visit since both of them are a couple. 

He shared videos on his social media page in which he said, “I am super excited to be back to Uganda after so much time. I missed Uganda, but Toto more. I can’t wait to see her. She doesn’t know yet that I am here.”

Furthermore, he delivered a birthday cake for his sweetheart having “Who knew angels had birthdays”. 

According to an unknown source, Rueben has gifted Zahara an apartment in Najjera worth $350M.

“Zahara is the love of my life. I could buy her this world if I had the money,” he said.

He also gifted her a brand new harrier back in 2019 even though their relationship has been on and off since 2013. 

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