Vinka Renews Contract With Swangz Avenue

The well-known musician Vinka originally known as Veronica Nalugya is building her career and coming out the best because she renewed her contract.

Vinka signed a new music contract yesterday in the presence of directors of Swangz Avenue and her lawyers yesterday.

Swangz Avenue has really helped Vinka become exclusive with the good tunes and mega hits leaving many fans craving for more since joining the label in 2017. 

Furthermore, Sony Music Entertainment selected Vinka as one of the artistes to be part of those representing it worldwide with the help of Swangz Avenue.

Vinka was very grateful to the label for elevating her to the person she is now and her career on her social media pages. 

β€œThank you so much Swangz Avenue, thank you Julius Benon, and other people who have helped me and not here. Cheers to the next 5 years,” Vinka said.

Furthermore, one of the Directors at the label  Benon Mugumbya revealed during an interview that many advised him to ditch Vinka but he refused because he saw potential in her. 

β€œI remember at the start I used to be very very hard on you and the reason I used to even be harder on you was because people would even tell it straight to your face asking why we are wasting money on this girl,” Benon Mugumbya said.

Congratulations Vinka!

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