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Songbird Rema Namakula Clears the Air About Rumors with Lydia Jazmine

Setting the Record Straight

Hey there, middle schoolers! Today we’re going to talk about some rumors involving two famous singers, Rema Namakula and Lydia Jazmine. People have been saying that these two don’t get along and don’t even talk to each other. But guess what? Rema has come forward to set the record straight!

A Surprise Revelation

Rema, who is a mom of two, openly admitted that she actually does talk to Lydia Jazmine. In fact, she sometimes even calls her and they have long conversations. So, it turns out that the rumors were not true after all!

Confirming the Friendship

Rema wanted to make sure everyone knew the truth, so she reached out to Lydia Jazmine to confirm their friendship. She wanted to clear up any misunderstandings and let everyone know that she has no issues with Lydia Jazmine. In fact, she considers her a friend and enjoys talking to her in her free time.

Rema Namakula said, “I don’t have any problem with Lydia Jazmine, she’s my friend. I even call her in my free time.”

Supporting Each Other

Just a few days ago, Lydia Jazmine also spoke up about the rumors. She made it clear that there is no rivalry between her and Rema. In fact, they are both supporting each other’s upcoming concerts. They have each other’s backs!

Spreading Positivity

Rema believes that the people spreading these rumors are only trying to create drama. She thinks that some people prefer to focus on negativity instead of spreading positivity. It’s important to remember that not everything we hear is true, and it’s always better to support and uplift each other!

Written by Nick Spartan

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